3 ways to maximize the potential of new team members

You're off to the races, building momentum and your MLM recruiting strategy is working!  You've got a handful of new members on your team and now it's time to set them up for success! There are a number of things to get your new team members into action quickly. In addition to your company's training protocol, here are some tips from Inc. magazine on how to get new team members started off on the right foot.

Talk with them about how they can succeed
Internet marketing coach Angela Carter said MLM strategies give professionals the ability to have more freedom with their time than nearly any other profession, and new employees can use that as an opportunity to boost their sales numbers right away. Describe to recruits your firm's underlying value proposition and competitive advantage, and then allow them to capitalize on their sales expertise. The sooner recent hires understand why the company succeeds, the quicker you will begin to see them succeeding.

Set high, attainable goals
Many experts say you are either born with the ability to sell or you're not. While this may or may not be true, it is your job to tell your new recruits that they will be able to sell anything to anyone. After you have instilled enough confidence in your team, your should set goals for them that they will be able to achieve. The idea is for the goals to be challenging, yet attainable, and if the new team additions are able to reach past what is expected of them, they will be well on their way to success.

Explain why they are part of the team
Sometimes sales professionals are able to achieve success, but aren't quite sure of the best qualities that they rely on. This is your opportunity to tell a new team member why you decided to add them to the group and what attributes they possess that make them valued players on the team. Schedule an early meeting with each member of the team and praise his or her skills. You will not only build trust with the recent recruits, but you will also help them know which laurels to rely on as a professional.

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