Javita experiencing continued growth

Javita Coffee has experienced great network marketing success since the MLM business was conceived in late January 2013. The sales numbers have been so high that John Haremza, master distributor for Javita, is surprised with the number of people across the world inquiring about his brand. Currently, the coffee company, which is dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle, has two products, Burn & Control – Weight Loss Coffee and Energy & Mind – Energy & Memory Blend.

"I have never experienced this level of customer interest (as) our new customer applications increased 63 percent," said Haremza. "We are in that 'sweet spot' just before momentum, small enough that a leader can establish their place and big enough to be over the risk threshold."

Haremza stated the amount of success the company is experiencing comes from the public's "insatiable demand for anything that helps people lose weight and the worldwide popularity of coffee," and putting those two things together leads to a solid business plan. The company has been achieving massive growth and is now anticipating achieving more than $1 million in sales during May, after sales were up 54 percent March over February and 78 percent in April over March.

Weight loss is a major challenge for millions of individuals throughout the world, and with Javita's Burn & Control – Weight Loss Coffee, people can have high levels of energy and a suppressed appetite. Focusing on losing weight and leading a healthy lifestyle will help Javita continue to achieve success after these first few months of high growth.

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