Vemma continues to experience major success

Vemma Nutrition Company, which specializes in liquid nutrition products, is experiencing vast MLM success in 2013, piggybacking on the high sales numbers it achieved in 2012. The worldwide brand boasted $117 million in sales revenue last year, a 30 percent increase from 2011. The largest sales growth occurred in the United States, which increased 46 percent during 2012, while the country also experienced 85 percent growth in recruiting.

While 2012 proved to be a strong year for Vemma, the company is not slowing down. Bringing in more than $66 million in sales during the first four months of the year, Vemma's affordable products are designed to help people achieve a better quality of life, both physically and financially.

Vemma launches new mobile app
Vemma has had very little trouble adding recruits and gaining brand partners, but the business will seemingly never stop looking for new ways to grow. Simon Grabowski, chief operating officer of Vemma Europe and chief mobile officer at Vemma Global, is in charge of developing mobile applications for smartphone and tablets users to help the company appeal to a younger group of professionals. With the recently released Vemma 3.0., the company can begin to reach millenials.

Members of the Vemma team can carry out a number of tasks using the new app, which include getting prospects to enroll on the spot, tracking weekly and monthly goals and monitoring whenever someone shares a recruit's post on a social media site. With this powerful new app iat their fingertips, Vemma members will be able to add more people to the team than ever before.

"Every day, tens of thousands of brand partners use their smartphones to monitor their business, check their stats and invite new people," said Grabowski. "Vemma 3.0 comes with a remarkable new interface and a fresh look. It's amazingly intuitive and unbelievably easy to work with."

Boreyko prepared the business for growth
When developing and launching Vemma in 2004, BK Boreyko, founder of Vemma, constructed the company with growth in mind. By providing team members with a number of opportunities to receive compensation, such as a fast start bonus, cycle bonus and global bonus pool bonus, Vemma gives its recruits the potential to set their own goals and strive for higher sales numbers.

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