ViSalus reports high sales numbers

ViSalus,the company behind the Body by Vi Challenge, a 90-day personal health and lifestyle transformation platform, has been changing lives since the company was founded in 2005. The business is run under a network marketing system and continues to bring in high sales numbers. During Q1 2013, ViSalus achieved $104.3 million in sales while boasting more than 70,000 independent promoters. Many of these new sales may be theresult of the New Body By Vi 90-Day Challenge, which is rewarding customers for following the company's workout regimen.

"As part of our focus on our core weight loss customer, we launched the New Body By Vi 90-Day Challenge during the first quarter of 2013," said Ryan Blair, co-founder and CEO of ViSalus. "This initiative includes a 90-Day money back results guarantee and Project 10, in which we award a total of $10,000 every week to 10 people who have lost 10 pounds on the Challenge."

ViSalus promotes a healthy lifestyle
Many Americans often need some type of incentive to get to the gym and eat right, and ViSalus' most recent initiative may be just the trick to get people on track to become healthier. By celebrating 10 winners each week for their weight loss while taking part in the Body by Vi Challenge, the company is empowering people unlike ever before, providing them with a monetary incentive for simply working out and getting in shape.

"We believe that the launch of the New Challenge, coupled with our product development pipeline and the recent opening of the U.K. market, will ensure that there is substantial opportunity for our customers to achieve their health and wellness goals and for our promoters to build their businesses with ViSalus," said Blair.

The New Body By Vi 90-Day Challenge also demonstrates just how much ViSalus cares about their customers and promoters. Professionals who decide to join the ViSalus team quickly understand the company's vision "to impact life, health and prosperity around the world." Those who believe in the MLM business are rewarded with financial independence that can be enhanced by recruiting more people to join the team. Simply getting people to research the company will quickly get potential recruits interested in how to become involved.

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