Herbalife – A Pyramid Scheme Scam or Legit Company With a 30-Year Track Record?

Any company worth billions of dollars is going to fall under some scrutiny, especially if it’s using an MLM business model.

Kimberly-Clark tries out direct selling approach for Kleenex

Kimberly-Clark can add “new MLM company” to its corporate description.

MLM tips: Blogging to expand your network

Blogging is a fantastic way not only to reach out to potential customers and existing clients, but also to promote yourself as a source of knowledge and achieve MLM success.

Top 50 MLM Companies by Global Revenue

Top 50 MLM Companies by Global Revenue   Which network-marketing companies are the global players in terms of net sales? The top 50 manage to clear at least $200 million annually, with many making billions.   Established heavyweights such as Avon and Amway come as no surprise on this list, but relative newcomers (less than […]

Top 10 MLM Companies by Web Ranking

Top 10 MLM Companies by Web Ranking – January 2013 Web rankings are determined by Alexa based on the traffic a website gets. Generally, the more traffic (and therefore the higher ranking) a site gets, the more likely the company is to be successful because people are clearly interested. If you are seeking a network […]

Amway Ditching High Tech

Alticor, the parent company of Amway, is selling the intellectual property rights to eCoupled wireless technology, just as this technology is about to change wireless power across the globe. Developed by Alticor’s subsidiary Fulton Innovation, eCoupled technology uses a magnetic field to enable products from appliances to handheld devices to be charged without a cord […]

Washington Takes Notice of Network Marketing Billions

In meetings with more than 100 U.S. Senators, Representatives, and staff, leading network marketing executives successfully made the case for supporting the nearly 16 million MLM entrepreneurs across the country, who collectively contribute close to $30 billion annually to the U.S. economy. The billions of dollars on the table were persuasive, but perhaps more compelling […]

Network Marketing Helping The Economy

Melaleuca, the well-known wellness product giant, is yet another example of how network marketing businesses not only thrive in any economy, they help the economy thrive. The MLM company’s recent innovations and its increasing success with the manufacture and direct sales of roughly 350 health and cleaning products has led to expansion—and with that expansion, […]

101-Year-Old Amway IBO Leaves Legacy of Success

Bernice Hansen was nearly 40 when, in 1950, she hosted a Nutrilite meeting in her home led by Rich DeVos, then in his early 20s. Years later, in a 2010 interview, Bernice remembered thinking, “What? This young kid is going to tell us how to start a business and make money? No way!” Of course, […]

Multi-Level Marketer Makes Millions in a Week

Blake M. Roney is not new to the network marketing model. In fact, he’s one of many MLM leaders who proves that direct selling businesses have longevity, resilience, and opportunities for long-term sustainable income as well as the potential to make millions of dollars overnight. Roney co-founded Nu Skin Enterprises in 1984 with partner Sandie […]