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Building your Mental Strength with Randy Gage

In the game of life, physical strength won’t get you as far as mental strength will. Today we invite you to take a look at your own mental fortitude and see how you measure up. To increase your mental strength you’ll have to take up what we call mental weight lifting. If you keep picking up the 2.5 dumbbells every workout, then you’re going to reach a plateau pretty quickly. However, if you’re constantly grabbing more weight and fatiguing your mental muscles they will grow much faster and stronger! What are some areas in your life where you need to build strength?

Randy Gage opens his video with a powerful statement, “iron sharpens iron.” The more friction and resistance you create–the more strength you can build! Randy then tells of his adventures in Central America where he was actually detained and deported from Costa Rica before he was supposed to deliver an important speech! He then ended up giving that speech via GoToMeeting from a hotel room in Miami. In life we are faced with a multitude of opportunities that can increase our mental strength. It is your perception of these hiccups as opportunities in disguise that will ultimately strengthen your mental game.


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Featured Trainer: Randy Gage

For more than 20 years Randy Gage has been helping people shatter limiting beliefs to achieve success and prosperity. He helps people uncover subconscious programming that causes them to sabotage their own success, and replace it with belief that allows them to succeed. Randy’s been called “the millionaire messiah” because he teaches how to harness timeless spiritual principles to manifest prosperity in life. His “Deepak Chopra meets Dennis Miller” style offers straight talk on what it takes to make it today. The lessons he teaches are the result of his own journey from high school dropout to multi-millionaire.

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