calling old contacts and leads

Calling Old Contacts and Leads

Calling old contacts and leads may seem futile, but it’s really a good use of your time if done correctly. It’s likely that some time has passed since you last spoke to your college roommates or your Great Aunt Sue. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t quality prospects. However, when you finally reach out to older contacts they will surely be thinking, “why are you calling me?” You can be graceful in your response but you should also be direct. The less time is wasted for both you and your prospect the better the result of the conversation.

Ray’s advice for old leads: call them up, but don’t waste time doing it. He likes to get in quick and dirty with, “I know you were once interested in making money from home. Are you still interested in learning how to make money in a home-based business?” The key there is to disqualify them as quickly as possible so you can move onto the next lead. The reality is when you’re calling old contacts and leads the possibility of you closing them is lower than a new lead. Don’t get tied to the outcome, but the opportunity is definitely worth a few minutes on the phone!


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Featured Trainer: Ray Higdon

Ray Higdon is a sought after speaker, trainer, and blogger for the direct sales and network marketing profession. When the real estate bubble burst, Ray’s investments were completely wiped out leaving him with only $300 in the bank. When Ray got started in network marketing, he was in personal foreclosure and his girlfriend at the time – now his wife – was paying the utility bills. This is when Ray got serious and built a $50,000 per month income in his network marketing company in only his 10th month. He has since earned over $1 million in network marketing and personal coaching, and in selling his own information products.