how to overcome objections in network marketing

How to Overcome Objections in Network Marketing with Matt Morris

First of all, objections are commonplace in all sales industries. Many people are fearful of this phase of closing because they don’t know how to overcome objections in network marketing. This is a pivotal step to master in order to close a higher number of sales in your business.

Matt Morris believes it all has to do with what happens after the presentation is over. He teaches to first, STOP TALKING, and start closing! After the presentation is done Matt’s approach is to, “just go up to them, give em a high five and say, “You’re in right?” It may sound oversimplified, but often times it is truly as straightforward as that! Check out his video to learn how to overcome objections in network marketing!



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Featured Trainer: Matt Morris

In the direct selling profession, Matt Morris has been a #1 income earner in three different companies. He served as the Founder and CEO of what was, at the time, the largest personal development network marketing company in the world. Over his career network marketing, Matt has built sales teams of over 1,000,000 people in over 100 countries worldwide.

Currently, Matt Morris is actively building a sales organization for the largest direct selling travel company in the world. Most notably, through his leadership, his marketing organization has produced over 1,000,000 customers in less than 7 years. Matt serves on the Presidential Advisory Council and his organization produces hundreds of millions of dollars in annual sales.