the power of networking groups

The Power of Networking Groups with Jordan Adler

Networking is the key to network marketing. Point blank. Why not make it easier on yourself by harnessing the power of networking groups? You may be surprised to know how many opportunities there are in your immediate area. BNI is a company held in high esteem with over 8,000 chapters worldwide.

Jordan Adler encourages his team to understand that your role as a networker is to be a catalyst for connecting people. It is not a linear process. Jordan believes strongly in attending networking event chapters in your area, especially those where your organization is not represented. He then asks the leader of his chapter, “who it is most important person for me to meet?” That one question brings him closer to key influential people while avoiding the cold market!



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Featured Trainer: Jordan Adler

Jordan is involved in 10 network marketing companies in his first 11 years in the business and never signed up a single distributor. At the age of 34 years old, he had less than $200 in the bank. He had $36,000 in credit card debt on 22 credit cards. He was living in a garage in Tempe, AZ and his rent was $200 a month. His jeep had been broken down for 2 years and he was taking a bus to work. His job paid him $14,000 a year after the airline he worked for had just filed bankruptcy. 36 months later, Jordan became a top earner in his company of 2 1/2 million distributors and went on to make $20 million in network marketing.

Jordan has built businesses consisting of over 200,000 distributors and nearly 500,000 customers in countries all over the globe. He’s a builder, speaker, leader, trainer and motivator. His audiences are mesmerized by his stories that inspire belief and action. Jordan sees himself as a dream broker. He lives his personal dreams on a large scale and then inspires others to go for theirs.